Magnesium Spray Oil



Pure Magnesium oil is a highly concentrated spray of pure magnesium chloride brine from the Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands- mined deep under the earth’s surface. Nothing added and nothing removed, it can be used daily. It is non- greasy and leaves no unpleasant odour.

Provides approximately 66mg of elemental magnesium for every 4 sprays or 560mg per teaspoon.

Suggested Use:

Spray 4-5 sprays onto your skin and massage the area. After a while you may see a slight white residue forming on the areas where you have applied the spray. It is just the salt that has stayed behind on the skin and can be wiped or washed off. Add 2 oz to your bath or foot soak and soak for 20-30 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. It can also be used as a deodorant.



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